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Career Drive Report

Over a lifetime, people increasingly are making choices and adapting their careers to suit their changing interests and life circumstances.Pen and Persona can help to indicate, you might be good at somethings that you have not tried or to look at a series of job roles that you may not have even considered.The “Career Drive Report” has been tailor made to provide you vocational suggestions based on your writing. 



Child Portrait

Every child’s mind is programmed in the childhood by the influence of the male and female images in the child’s life usually the parents. With Graphology parents can understand their children in a better perspective and will come to know their strengths, weaknesses, likes, dislikes, skills, way of thinking, health and influence of their parents on them.



Behaviour Competency Report

Personality traits are strong fundamental tendencies to behave in particular ways in particular situations. They typically are understood to be stable behaviour patterns present since young adulthood. But sometimes individual behaviour can change depending upon particular environmental situations. For this reason, ‘personality’ may be difficult to measure.



We don’t sell you product...
We solve your problems

Is it???? It is not about us, it’s all about you! Graphology is the art of knowing character through handwriting. Handwriting serves as a means for the expression of thought. Our goal is to deliver an experience which is more than a product! We aim to bring into play Graphology as connote of understanding human behavior and craft solutions that are explanatory, innovative and insightful.


Below is a growing list of personality assessments and quizzes to help you better understand your interests, personality, behavioral preferences and passions in life…


Welcome to Pen & Persona blog! Here we regularly post new articles on different personality traits. We serve various topics which will make you conversant with this pleasing subject and know more about yourself.

If you are interested in doing your own diagnosis you can read my blog posts!

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