Analytical Thinking – Do you think like Einstein???

“I’m very analytical, I’m very precise” …
Al Yankovic


In today’s organizations, it is everyone’s job to effectively solve problems. Analytical skills are essential in the workplace to ensure necessary problem solving occurs to keep productivity and other areas of work force functioning smoothly.

Analytical thinking skills are not necessarily intuitive and they don’t come easily to many people. It involves step by step approach to thinking that allows you to break complex problems into single and manageable components.
It consists of comparing the set of data from different sources, identify probable causes and accordingly effective conclusions and arrive at appropriate solutions.


Also, you might have to resolve a technical issue. First step would be to determine cause of problem, calculate possible alternatives for the issue. Weighing the pros and cons of the considered options. Then steps to resolve the issue which consists of identifying the information needed to effectively solve problems. And then take some preventive measures which will prevent the re occurrence of the issues.


Analytical thinkers, or left brain thinkers, are straight line thinkers. They are ruled by logic not emotion. They like to work alone and dwell on their thoughts uninterrupted.


Their ability to concentrate is more than any other personality type, which can be seen in small sized and connected handwriting with well developed upper and lower zones. Also, the capitals and the small letters are plain without any flourishes.

Analytical thinkers hand writing is angular with V- wedges for middle m,n  at the bottom of baseline intersections and the small letter I contains a v shaped cap instead of a dot above the stem.

Analytical thinkers just can’t get enough information. They have avid appetite for facts and figures of any kind. They precisely analyze the situation or data and do everything to get it right in the first attempt.


There might be some delay in the decision making as they drill down to a topic and investigate any topic to the core, but there is a great deal of validity in their decisions. They absorb new information like a sponge and are extremely knowledgeable about their work, which can be considered as a great leadership quality.

They love to follow a routine and it is extremely difficult for them to break their habits. They are ready to accept changes but they prefer no invasion in their comfort zone. As they like to follow a certain set of patterns, they show the same level of persistence and dedication when they undertake any project.

As per analysis, such writers have a straight baseline may be rigid to some extent, with even margins. Since analytical thinkers have clear thoughts which can be seen with large distance between the lines. Also, only one form is used for each letter with all down strokes at the same angle which shows constancy of the writer.

           Observing people and analyzing situations is an incredibly valuable tool. There are many TV shows like The Mentalist, Monk and Psych where the characters with their power of thought and observation come up with the theory that explains the case. All three are great but the Sherlock Holmes as a detective is par excellence!!



His ultimate clear thinking and prophecy to solve most complicated cases Guinness Book of World Records has aptly named Sherlock Holmes as a Metaphor of Clear Thinking!

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