Behaviour Competency Report




Personality traits are strong fundamental tendencies to behave in particular ways in particular situations. They typically are understood to be stable behaviour patterns present since young adulthood. But sometimes individual behaviour can change depending upon particular environmental situations. For this reason, ‘personality’ may be difficult to measure. And also because of the enormous variations in personality, it is hard to attempt and divide people into neat orderly types.

Selection through Handwriting Analysis allows you to select candidates who possess more prominent prolific conduct and personality which in turn reduces attrition rate, employee burnout, and increases interpersonal and leadership skills development, productivity, work fulfilment and learning. Employers can, by studying the handwriting of their employees, guard against sluggishness, unreliable and dishonest tendencies, for an analysis of their handwriting will most likely uncover these, if present.

Our personality test is based on the analysis of handwriting which identifies the patterns and forms of the letters made which reveals the different traits of personality and portray them in reports with remarkable accuracy.

What qualities does an employer expect in his employee
Problem solving ability

Some of the habits you don’t want in your employees
Lack of concentration

Pen and Persona can give organizations with personality profiles of potential representatives and a risk assessment of the candidate enabling a business to determine if a job fits the individual BEFORE hiring and if the individual is compatible with the rest of the office team. The procedure is private, non-obtrusive and focuses only on the position the writer is applying for.

How handwriting analysis can benefit an organisation

Saves time and money of the company.
Trust-worthiness in handling finance.
Tendency to change the company frequently.
Leadership qualities
Potential to work under pressure.
Team player or a loner
Attitude towards colleagues, juniors and seniors.
Behaviour towards opposite sex

Pen and Persona can also help in screening the existing employees for personality traits relating to, stress factors, job satisfaction and other behavioural issues which hamper productivity levels and can also in identification of factors which need training and development.

Personality Test

The test is based on handwriting. Rather than creating a massive list of words related to personality traits we have focussed on broad dimensions that make up personality. We have listed distinctive traits which are interpreted through your writing.

Customised Tools

We offer our services which will be made to order according to the specific needs of the organisations which can be in a form of a Contractual Assignment Based Analysis of Samples of Individuals to evaluate a pre – defined domain. The professional fee for the same depends on the job and is negotiable.