Child Portrait


Every child’s mind is programmed in the childhood by the influence of the male and female images in the child’s life usually the parents. With Graphology parents can understand their children in a better perspective and will come to know their strengths, weaknesses, likes, dislikes, skills, way of thinking, health and influence of their parents on them and can mould them to enhance their hidden skills for becoming better individuals of tomorrow.

At Pen and Persona, the “Child Portrait” report has been custom made to provide inferences your child’s personality based on his/her handwriting. We can help you know your child’s behaviour, way of thinking which he/she cannot articulate, ensuring happy parenting and child upbringing.


What you will learn :

  •  Evaluate your relationship with your child.
  • Understand your child’s thoughts which he/she cannot express.
  • What kind of mental growth are you setting up for your child.
  • Develop love and compassion between you and your kid.
  • Where are you taking a wrong turn in parenting.
  • Examine yourself as a parent.
  • Guarantee joyful parenting and child nurturing.