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Personal Analysis & Evalution

“What does your handwriting reveal?

Graphology is an exceptional projective method through which it is possible to discover our traits of personality and of those around us.

What kind of a person are you? What are your strengths and weaknesses? Do you have trouble dealing with people? How to you deal with pressure situations?

A personal handwriting analysis will help you find and understand all these points and know yourself better…

Pen and Persona provides an extensive analysis report which blends information regarding the intelligence, social skills, sentiments, awareness of strengths and weaknesses including areas that may need further development. We also address inquiries concerning specific areas of personality such as personal or professional issues, vocational guidance or career matters.

For the most accurate analysis please follow below instructions for the perfect sample of your handwriting.

The sample should be written on a blank preferably an A4 size unruled paper with a ball point pen.

The sample should be 50 – 60 lines. Avoid copying and write whatever you could think of.

Please use 2 different pages if required and avoid writing back to back.

The resting surface should be smooth with the writer in a calm and relaxed state of mind.

Sign the sample with your regular signature three times.

(If you have more than one signature please mention)

Please scan the copy in high resolution and mail it

We can then provide you the details for the payment.

You will get a response from us in 3-4 working days.”

Signature Analysis


Signature is an important part of your personality. In this digital age where everything is typed, signature is the one of the things we carry out on a regular basis and which is a noteworthy part of our personalities. It is simply the way you represent yourself to the outside world. And the entire script is the thing that you really are. It is one of the most intimate graphic movements that the writer makes on paper. Each time you sign you are sending unconscious signals to this world something exclusive about your personality. This form of handwriting, which is accepted as portrayal of self-archives, licenses, shapes, speaks to our own concept of ourselves and how we hope others will see us.

Signature is the sum and substance of your public image.

What does my present signature say?

As mentioned earlier, your signature is your own symbol, it is your choice how you want to be perceived by the world, how you feel about your accomplishment till date.

If you still sign like a teenager, you ought to think is this the way you might want to be seen by everyone. Your signature says more than you can imagine!

Pen and Persona can help you in avoiding all the dangerous styles you might be practicing.

You can provide us a handwriting sample using a ball point pen at least half page written on an unruled page and put in your signature. Also avoid copying stuff and write whatever you could think of. Please repeat the same signature at least three times on the paper.

Then, scan the written sample in high resolution and mail it to

We can then provide you the details for the payment.

You will get a response from us in 3-4 working days.

We will be in constant touch with you until you are ready to use the new signature as it requires some practice before using it. All the necessary guidance and information will be provided to you accordingly.”