Perseverance – Yo…… I did it!!!!!


Why some individuals accomplish more than others of equal astuteness? Taking into count all the cognitive abilities, elements like confidence, emotional stability, analytical thinking. Some traits might seem to be fundamental considering certain occupation, but it can be said that there are certain traits which are indispensable to success irrespective of the domain. But one quality which all the successful leaders have is Perseverance.


Perseverance can be defined as the determination and passion to achieve the set goals. Ian H Robertson, author of the famous book, The Winner Effect: The Neuroscience of Success and Failure says, “The main ingredient of success is having success. The winner effect is a phenomenon that occurs across species, whereby if someone wins a contest against weaker opponent, they are more likely to win a subsequent contest against a tougher opponent.”

Mark Cuban, one of the main investor on the famous reality television series Shark Tank, started his career from selling garbage bags door to door in order to buy basketball shoes at the age of 12.Today is a billionaire who owns NBA Dallas Mavericks, Landmark Theaters, Magnolia Pictures and is the Chairman of HDTV Cable Network AXS TV. According to him, every person has either one or two qualities they are wired for, but the hard part is to have the confidence to go after it.

He quotes, “Creating opportunities means looking where others are not.”


In Graphology perseverance can be observed in a script which has patience with energy and persistent will power which is mostly found in angular writing with hooks at the end strokes of letters.










Baselines are straight and horizontal.


If we are talking about perseverance how can we not mention the most inspiring movie of all times, “Rocky”









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