Sarcasm and handwriting….

Sarcasm is a form of art. For some people it is like a second language! For them it is very natural, important and involuntary. It’s the way how they talk to each other… It is particularly called as an act of intelligence. Sarcasm allows you to say things which would otherwise be seen as rude, impolite or discourteous. They just have their unique kind of wittiness and set of skills to play tricks with others.  Also not everybody understands sarcasm and so people end up by calling them mean and ill – mannered.

Well, Sarcasm has its pros and cons… Sarcastic people leave an unforgettable first impression… Meeting a sarcastic person for the first time means you can either be appreciated or you are hauled over the coals… The outcome depends on your response.


Sarcastic statements are sort of a true lie. The mental aerobatic needed to understand the sarcasm includes developing a “hypothesis of brain” to see past the words and comprehend that the speaker might be thinking something totally different. They have a very good memory and cannot be fooled quickly. Sarcasm is a two way thing and they appreciate the same aimed at them. So they value meeting with any other sarcastic person.

So, if you are in love with a sarcastic person it is like walking on the edge of the sword… how you appreciate the sarcasm depends on your reactions to it… They are not really great at giving or receiving compliments but they are great at reading people’s thoughts and speak out. They can be impulsive but they know how to have fun as they will always find a way to keep you both excited. They can be serious and sincere too they are not easily offended with the words. Sarcastic people tend to be quite honest in their opinion and are quite proud of them.


“Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit but the highest form of intelligence”, wrote that enthusiast of wit, Oscar Wilde.

Why is it that sarcasm enhance creativity? Since the brain must think inventively to comprehend or pass a sarcastic comment, sarcasm may lead to clearer and more imaginative thinking. To either create or understand sarcasm, tone must conquer the ambiguity between the literal and actual meanings of the sarcastic expressions. If used with care and in moderation, can be effectively used and activate some creative sparkles.


Some language experts say, sarcasm is used as a sort of gentler affront, a way to reduce the blow with evasiveness and humor. The most common form of vocal wit is often used to amusingly pass delicately masked dissatisfaction or disdain. “John, don’t work so hard!”, a boss may say after finding his associate surfing the internet. As a form of communication, sarcasm takes on the obligation of discord.



A sarcastic girl will show her affection in a distinctive way. She likes messing with you in a fine way. She values a great personality over outward show, which could be an attribute. She is spontaneous and can see right through you and understand your state of mind and emotions. A sarcastic person doesn’t have many friends to hang out with because they choose right people to hang out with…. So if you have a sarcastic girlfriend then you are a lucky guy… remember…. She chose you!!

To identify it in your handwriting, it is seen in small letters d and t, sharply written with pointed stems. The cross bar of t is sharp pointed at the end.

Also, the I – dotting is arrow shaped.



So, it can be said that perhaps using a little sarcasm in daily life can actually help us get ahead, open some new prospects because let’s admit we enjoy being with people with a good sense of humor, have a good laugh and relieve stress. If you can take the jokes, you are most likely to be successful in life.

As rightly said by the famous author Gregory David Roberts in the book, ‘Shantaram’,

 “If fate doesn’t make you laugh, then you don’t get the joke”.

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