An old fox understands the trap. – Unknown

What is the first thing which comes to your mind when you think fox? Clever, sharp mind and intimidating.

That’s exactly people with fox personality are…

They mostly work at night and their quick and alert mind is always at work. They have developed a reputation for craftiness and manipulation.

There are different personalities of fox and when you face them you face a personality. They sometimes appear to be modest or a person who is losing his ground but these are just his survival tactics as intimidation and sharp tongue cannot always serve the purpose.

With their sharp nature they are always successful in life. They mostly dominate the discussions and negotiations and are most often the time successful in turning the tables their way. They do not consciously intend to take the advantage of others but by the virtue of their nature, it overcomes their feelings.

As far as partners are concerned, foxes aren’t much of talking about their feelings type. So, they prefer a partner who is intelligent to understand without him saying much and he can confide in her emotionally.

Not to mention they are extremely competitive and can work for long hours especially at night. Such people are mostly successful in fields of lawyers, computers, doctors.


No doubt these writers have small sized angular writing which shows their astuteness and their ability to work for long. They have a very narrow and even right margin. They are not much social types which can be seen in the narrow spaces between words.

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