Weasel personalities are smooth and sweetly charming.  They may give off an impression of being promising allies with their sharp wit and supple bodies but that is definitely not the story! Their infamous devious and treacherous is the signature trait of their personality. You probably work with a weasel. There is a wide gamut of weasels where a narcissistic weasel is different from others.

Their whole survival system depends upon tactics to control others and ooze their charm as the main weapon. They are too self – absorbed and lack the emotional and spiritual maturity to see how their behaviour is harming to themselves and others.  They thrive on chaos and their quick – wit helps them to get out of any unconventional situation they get into which by the way is more than often.

Normally many of us are anxious and obsessed. But when we understand that such behaviour is causing trouble to us and others we accept and change it. But that is not the case with weasel personalities. All they see is what they want and how will they get it and function on the basis that their way is the right way. And everybody should follow the same way!

They have a fluid relationship with truth and if they believe that the situation is in their best interest, they can camouflage their intellect and since they believe that end justifies the methods, they have no inner moral battle with their actions.

They have an uncanny talent to spot your weaknesses, they always partner with the strongest ally till it solves their purpose. They will mishear and misinterpret everything you say if it doesn’t match their version of things or if anything goes sideways, they flatly deny.

They love attention and prove to be great entertainers. They have this eerie and spooky ability to make their partner feel they are the only in the world. Weasels are vulnerable to sensuality and people who have an insight to their scheming way are more qualified for wedlock.

Weasels love for attention and sly nature they make natural politicians, lawyers. They also fancy paparazzi, fine clothes and music.


They have varied size of letters. Their ambitious nature can be seen ascending lines, T- cross bars and large capitals.

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