What is Graphology?

Writing has been called “the art of speaking to the eyes,’ and this expression is strictly correct

Handwriting analysis is a scientific method of identifying, calculating and interpreting personality through patterns revealed by handwriting. It is a form of Applied Psychology.  Writing is a physical process. It is referred to brain writing. Each stroke reveals a specific personality trait. Graphology is the science of identifying these strokes as they appear in handwriting and describe the corresponding personality trait.  Through brain-activity we express unconsciously in our handwriting our feelings, our desires and our will. To perform any action the brain sends down instructions in the form of electric impulse to the body muscles.  As you write you are consciously attempting a message, the handwriting also divulges information about you and how you felt unconsciously as you wrote. Hand writing is described as an expressive movement at par with gesture and emotional attitude. Anything that moves you, excites you, or disturbs you (emotionally or physically) shows up in the strokes made by your pen.

“In the hands of professional analyst, a sample of handwriting reveals the writer’s mental ability, self- concept, and his attitudes, aptitudes and interests. His productivity, his needs and his vulnerability to stress are evident. Handwriting is an expression of his personality and is a characteristic of him as is his tone of voice. Graphology can identify individualized themes, personality tendencies or areas of difficulty that appear in a given script.