What kind of a thinker are you???

Nobody completely comprehends the intricate procedure of thinking, and it would be presuming and insolent to make outright statements about how thinking grows. There has been a lot of exploration and certain theories have been widely acknowledged.

A youngster’s deduction propels in stages. He figures out how to think and act as per his body and psyche development level. Studies have shown that showing progressed abilities like dance, music and reading most often times did not result in speeding up of the child over a period of few years. The child who was taught a specific skill at the normal phase of readiness was similarly just about as adroit as the one who had received earlier teaching.








In regard to the elements of heredity, development and environment, a perspective may turn into a propensity.  Your memory cells become hard to change – though not impossible. Your thinking associates with your physical and emotional powers, and all together they structure habit patterns which mirror your character. As long as you have a body, you can never be a totally free thinker.

The brain is excessively affected by the actual cravings of the body at any point to act unreservedly. For a thought pattern to change, the comparing gesture, feeling and emotion should change with it.  










A patient going through examination and treatment is urged not exclusively to comprehend his issues, yet additionally to start to acknowledge them sincerely and then make actual physical conditions helpful to required change. It required a long time to develop adverse thinking habits.

Atypical situations or emotional upset can create an alarming change in mentality. Fruitful experiences invigorating confidence often change attitudes from negative to positive.








The most solid technique for desired transformation in thinking habits is first to confront fairly your current characteristics and attributes, identify the shortcomings and the qualities, then provide suitable and complimentary conditions where change can be followed up on.

Your overall pattern of thinking is recognizable in your handwriting. It is evident in the speed of your writing, shapes of letters and the size of the writing zones.



The triangular – shaped letters are the key to this type of thinker. The points investigate and explore with sharp dexterity, assembling fast impressions from which quick choices are made. You approach thoughts and issues with explicitness and sharp insight.




Small middle – zone letters, which are clear and legibly written, show good great concentration ability. You can clutch one idea without being attacked by different pictures and thoughts. Your ability to focus is good and you work with mental meticulousness and configuration. You are self – disciplined in monitoring and directing your mental energies.




It is rare to come across handwriting which are both rapid and clearly legible. When your pen races quickly across the page, it is because your mind is working so rapidly that the hand attempts to keep up the pace. In the event that you are one of the noteworthy rare sorts of people who think with colossal speed and clearness, you are intellectually productive and communicative.




In the event that you have a thinking mind, examining data and showing up with an answer dependent on what the realities demonstrate is the correct response for you. Your forms are conservatively between round and square. The tops of letter n,m,r and v have broad tops. The t is crossed with an umbrella like stroke showing adaptability for thinking.




Your handwriting continues to conform to the principles and exact patterns learnt as a child. Your capitals, as well as other letters, has the appearance of the school model. It shows rigid attitude regarding ethics, morality and social responsibility to family and community.




Very well developed upper and lower zones. You adhere to the copybook style learnt in school but you add your style to it. Change comes very hard to you.




Even left – hand margin throughout the paper except for paragraph indentations. Very little variation in right – side margin. Uniformed and ample spaces between words. No entanglement between lines.




Uneven left side margin. The baselines appear to be wavy causing entanglement between them. Uneven spaces between words. The slant in the writing may vary.


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