What motivates you???

Are you ambitious? Someone who sets practical goals for himself? What drives you? It can come be something physical (like spend those extra 10 minutes on the treadmill to lose those few extra pounds to get in that summer outfit for the next holiday) or mental (like pull an all-nighter to put in those extra efforts in the project in the hope for



It can be outward, whereby a person is enthused by other people or rewards. Motivation can also be inward, whereby it comes from inside – the desire to improve at a certain activity. Inborn inspiration will in general push individuals all the more powerfully, and the achievements are more satisfying.



Motivation comes in all forms simple and complicated and is limited only by your imagination and creativity. Motivation is driven by abilities, needs, wants, aspiration, desires… the rundown continues forever.

Motivation is the desire to take action in pursuit of a goal. It’s the pivotal component in setting

and accomplishing our aims. I have worked with so many clients who were waiting for the

motivation to do things that would make them happier, it could be exercising, eating healthy,

reading more, less shopping etc. You may not be motivated all the time, but you can

definitely feel the difference when you start acting in ways that are coherent with your values.

Once you have a motivator that you value, you can begin to nurture a “whatever it takes attitude”. A strong and powerful motivator is something everyone can have, because everyone can select a motivator. Powerful motivators that bring a sense of purpose to your life like being the role model to your children, taking efforts to develop a healthy relationship with your spouse.

If you have picked a motivator, I hereby hail you MOTIVATED! Ta – da….


While talking to my clients the most common statement I have heard is, “I’d like to change,


but I have no motivation”.  I wish I had a dollar every time I heard this statement, or

something like that. But the million-dollar question is, “What motivates you?





This is where we come in…. Your motivation can be discovered by just one alphabet…




Ambitious –



T – bars are crossed and placed high on the stem. He has set high but practical goals for himself.


Disciplined –



A T- bar bowed downward, like an arrow, is a sign of a disciplined man.




Enthusiastic –


It is seen by long T – bars sweeping through several letters. It indicates the drive and force that keeps him/her going. He/she have the ability to persuade others to do what he/she wants to.



Persistent –


Knots in f’s, p’s, h’s and t’s show persistence. If at first the writer doesn’t succeed, he will try, try again. He will find different ways to get what he/she wants.




Tenacious –


He/she goes the extra mile and holds on tightly on his/her beliefs. A hook at the end of letters indicates the desire to hold on to what he/she has.


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