Your handwriting says a lot about your career…

Handwriting analysts are well aware that handwriting reveals a person’s character and personality. With analyzing your handwriting, you can discover the kind of personality that you have. Along with personality assessment handwriting can also help you choosing the right occupation.

You may never in your entire lifetime pursue certain objectives because you do not believe you have the talent and ability to be successful in them. Yet all creatively productive people will readily submit to the rigors of discipline and training they must endure before enjoying the satisfaction of their talent.


Whether or not you decide to devote your energy and time at this stage of your life in an artistic pursuit, you should know what innate abilities you possess, for they can afford you added pleasure.


I was talking to one of my friends, where I happened to meet his cousin Shaurya. As we were talking, he asked me about the career he should choose. I saw his writing and I suggested him that he should go with a stream which would allow him to work by himself and which requires long working hours and great concentration. Jobs which require research, coding, long hours of study and complete focus would be the best options for him.

And I asked him what is he planning on choosing. His reply was, “I am thinking of doing something exactly different. May be something in sales & marketing.”

I asked him, “Are you sure?”

He replied, “Yes. My father is a big figure in the marketing sector and he wants me to do the same. Everybody in my family is extremely successful in this field so I will be going ahead with it.

I replied, “Good luck with your plan”.

I saw his writing and I realized it is not the best idea to choose a client facing role.

Below is the writing of Shaurya.






As you can see the middle zone of the writing is extremely small and connected which shows his potential to concentrate. Also, the upper zone is well developed which shows his ability to think and come up with ideas.

He is shy and comfortable with working for long hours all by himself with undivided attention. His connected writing shows his uninterrupted flow of ideas and logical ability.












If he chooses marketing he may come up with good ideas, but he might not be the best person presenting as his small middle zone suggests he is man of few words. He might use his intelligence but he will lack the skill of pursuing the client with the product, which will ultimately leave him frustrated with himself. Sooner or later, he will realize that marketing is not his cup of tea.

He wants to choose marketing because his father wants him to. But he is not cut out for that.   

We all have assumptions about ourselves. We think we understand what our mentalities, thoughts, capacities, sentiments are, and furthermore have an impression of how we project ourselves to other people. Our behavior is to a great extent impacted by our opinion about ourselves and what we believe others think about us.

Handwriting analysis would be the best option for you to decide if your self – conception is in accord with facets of your personality. The goal is to open up ways to a portion of your inward chambers which have never been opened. With a little oiling at the pivots of those unwavering spots, it won’t be excessively troublesome.

On the off chance that you hear a couple of squeaks, don’t be disturbed; it’s a sign that these hindrances can be moved so you can get through.

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